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Misako Rocks! developed a love for comics and manga at an early age and drew her first comic at the age of 13. She moved to New York in 2001 and worked as a a puppeteer, face painter, animal balloon maker, and art teacher while still developing her own work. Her first break came when the Onion decided to use her illustrations for their now famous “Savage Love” column, which runs every week. Shortly thereafter, Misako scored a two-book deal with Hyperion, a three-book deal with Henry Holt and a writing gig for Archie comics.

Misako has been featured in many magazines and newspapers, including Elle Girl and the New York Times. The BBC, NHK  and TV Asahi also featured her in a documentary about her comic book life. Recently, Misako was chosen as one of Nikkei Woman Magazine’s 15 Women of the year.

Misako began working with Japanese publishers: Meijishoin and Discover21. Also, she created a manga for Medicus in Japan that is featured in over 20 magazines.

Currently she started on going weekly English webcomic : Bounce Back.

She was selected as one of outstanding Japanese artists in NY and invited to meet Japanese prime minister Abe and the first lady.

She’s published two books with Discover21 in Japan and recently started running manga stories on Toyo Keizai Newspaper, a Japanese fashion magazine VERY and web magazine Woman Type.

She published an education Japanese book “How to learn English with Misako’s method” in Japan and it’s bestseller in Japanese amazon.

She’s working on a new manga book with Kobunsha publisher in Tokyo.

Besides her book making, she’s visited schools including Columbia university, Prinston University, Metropolitan Mueseum, Childrens Museum and so on to give speeches and run manga drawing workshops.

She recently started appearing on Japanese media such as Jwave radio, TBS radio, etc.

In 2017 she will start teaching Manga drawing classes at Chapin school in Upper East Side NYC.

Misako currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and spends her free time riding her vintage bike, making hip hop, kissing babies, shaking hands, slam dunking and eating lots of Onigiri !!!


What people have been saying…..


“Many times, Misako Rocks has encouraged me with the phrase ‘Ganbatte’ – roughly translating to ‘Go for it!’ in Japanese. Her characters – especially Jermain – impart this same inspiring energy… take-charge girls that don’t wimp out in the face of adversity!”
Craig Thompson

“Detective Jermain is a fresh-faced Nancy Drew for today’s manga generation, a sassy teen sleuth with multiple mysteries to solve: why are her teachers behaving so weirdly? which of her two childhood playmates should she choose as her boyfriend? and toughest of all, can she become as great a detective as her ex-Dad? Misako Rocks! will hook you with her blend of intriguing detective thriller with warm- hearted high-school romance.
– Paul Gravett

“a fast-paced and well-executed story…” – Booklist

“Manga with a heavy dose of cute…this should find a ready crowd of action-oriented shojo fans.” – Kirkus Reviews

“An appealing mix of adventure, female empowerment and romance brought alive by Takashima’s vibrant illustration” – Publishers Weekly

“Great for younger manga readers.” – School Library Journal